Look #42: “waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought, useless and dissapointing” A Cinderella Story

waiting for the rain exposednew finds at collabor 88work in progress

I picked up some things at Collabor88…don’t miss it!  The hair and boots are fun for the spring!

Shopping cart:

Shape and Skin:  [:mirror’s enigma:] medow shape xxs, medow peach skintone (smokey/blonde) by Ydreece Forster (skin fair)

Eyes:  [:mirror’s enigma:] naturelle (n): brown eyes by Ydreece Forster

Hair:  D!va Hair “Sayaka 3” moon stone by  Marisa Kira (Collabor88…GO GET IT NOW!)

Umbrella:  [HANDverk] April showers plaid by Daphne Klossovsky (pose fair)

Boots:  DECO trench mesh boots aqua by Gutterblood Spoonhammer (Collabor88…GO GET IT NOW!)

Pose:  Lost Angels [LA] 5 modern photo prop puffs by Evangeline Cortes

Socks:  Doppleganger Inc (closed store) Button me up socks by Syler Morgwain


Look #41: ” In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”- CoCo Chanel


I have been shopping.  I know, shocker.

.Olive. has been on my radar for some time.  This content creator, Rose Olive Doe (naminaeko), has a unique, fun style.  Pet rocks, jewelry, poses, chairs, holiday cookies…I love these glasses and bow rings.  I met her on plurk and have followed her since.  Thanks for your unique fun creations!  Keep it coming!

Here’s her inworld store:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tableau/177/153/23

Here’s her blog (VERY artfully done):  http://rosie-posies-vase.blogspot.com

Here’s her marketplace:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/104427

(get the Deadliest Hallows necklaces…cool!)

The shopping cart:

Eyes:  [:Mirror’s Enigma:] Naturelle (n): Brown eyes by Ydreece Forster

Shape and skin:  [:Mirror’s Enigma:] Medow Shape XXS and Peach Skintone (smokey/blonde) by Ydreece Forster (Skin fair)

Hair:  D!va mayumi 3 type A platnium by Marisa Kira (Collabor88)

Necklace:  .Olive. Foldered golden paper letter o by Rose Olive Doe (gatcha at her store)

Rings:  .Olive. It’s fashion week baby!  light blue ribbon rings by Rove Olive Doe (marketplace has them in red I think)

Glasses:  .Olive. the oops Tree Cherry blossom glasses by Rose Olive Doe

Dress:  *Hibou* little mesh dress rose medium by Kaitlyn38

Tights:  SF designs flower trail tights underpants by Swaffette Firefly

Socks:  Doppelganger Inc. Button me up socks by Syler Morgwain (store closed)

Boots:  (red)Mint Fashion Mesh Army Boot by Moni Schulze

Place:  Mystical Rentals (my pad)

Pose:  The blanket on my property (seasons spring blanket)  Store:  the beachstore by Maxx Farella

other pose:  my AO