Look #35: Strawberry’s meme blog challenge: the “Firsts” of SL


  1. First SL Friend: I don’t remember his name.  He was fun to hang out with at my home while I sorted my inventory.  We had fun checking out sims.  Be called me Babygirl.
    I have to mention the first friends I met here that made such a difference for me:  Piggs Boucher, Bakranus Arashi, Happy Richard, Fopper Iwish, Skyler B Goode, Terrahuman Ella, Thongshaman Thirroul, Yahuu Trenkins, Andrushka Andel, Abbey Wingtips.  Thank you all for making SL a wonderful place with wonderful people.  Sadly, I don’t talk to anyone in SL anymore.  I need to make new friends and create new adventures.  Whose looking for a new SL friend?
  2. First SL Kiss: I jumped on a few pose balls for laughs and giggles but my first REAL SL kiss was Benj Proto.
  3. First SLex time/place/partner: N/A cuz I’m an SL virgin *coughs* (thank Strawberry for this answer).
  4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: I guess my first partner was my RL husband at the time:  HarumScarum Seesaw.  Years later I partnered with my RL boyfriend Benj Proto.  Benj and I got married in RL last June.  We never married in SL.  Our relationship started as a fun friendship in SL then blossomed into a great RL friendship and exploded into a love affair beyond words.  I think SL had a lot to do with it.  We were friends first in an accepting world of SL where the inside matters more than the outside.  That’s my take on it.
  5. First SL Job: Never had a job in SL.
  6. First SL Creation: A three prim chair that you can’t even sit on.  OMG I’m embarrassed!first build_001
  7. First Encounter with a Linden: Never seen one.  Do they exist or are they like elves?  I love Torley’s you tubes.  That’s as close as it’s gotten.
  8. First Encounter with a SLebrity: I’m still waiting to meet one.  What’s the qualification?  Everyone here is awesome!  I’ve met so many cool cool content creators.  I guess if I met Strawberry in world, I would have to consider her a SLebrity. I know it sounds so corny but I aspire to create photographs like Strawberry.  She’s my hero!  /me falls to my knees in child’s pose saying “I’m not worthy”!!!!  Grinz.
  9. First sim I fell in love with: Angel Falls.  I think I have over 100 pictures in my inventory from that place.
  10. First SL Blog Post: My first post was last fall.  I’m a blogger newb.  https://mybarbiecloset.wordpress.com/page/5/


Skin:  Glance Skins Anais December by Snejana Tran

Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~* Almadina Black Pearl by Tommy Fairplay

Eyes:  Curio Tragic Eyes Purple by Rita Groshomme

Shape:  External Appearances by Karen Blackthorne


Look #33: Sally Field, 1985 Academy Awards I haven’t had an orthodox career, and I’ve wanted more than anything to have your respect. The first time I didn’t feel it, but this time I feel it, and I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!

The Oscar's evening begins with a stunning dress.
The Oscar’s evening begins with a stunning dress.

SURPRISED AND OVERWELMED CLOSE UP WAVING TO MY FANSThe Oscar’s are coming.  I wanted to give my own respect to the content creators of Secondlife like the actors and actresses get on Oscar night.

Shopping Cart:

First Picture:  Start of the evening with a stunning dress from Chrysalis (NEW) Precious (Kristine Lowey)

Background:  KaTink Storefronts pack 2 Mohna Lisa Couture’s staircase (Annemarit Jarvinen)

The last thee pictures:  SL Oscar by Spune Shephard on the MarketPlace (FREE)

Face Animator:  unknown (sorry, in my inventory since 2007)  Surprise and Embarrassed used

Microphone:  ::Lemon’s Guitar Branch, Lemon’s simple microphone FREE on the Marketplace (Lyuu Lemon)

Stage Curtains:  Stage Curtains by Dynamic Curtains (Leonro Sands)

Skin:  Your Skin & Your Shape Clair Cool 03 (Monicuzza Babenco)

Shape:  External Appearances Ultima 2tall (Karen Blackthorne)

Hair:  D!va Asami type A onyx (Marisa Kira)

Eyelashes:  Slink Mesh Lashes (Siddean Munro)

Eyes:  IKON Sunrise eyes white ML (Ikon Innovia)

Eyeliner:  Izzie’s Eyeliner (Izzie Button)

Shoes:  Maitreya Gold Shanti Black (Beauvoir Rousselot)

Earrings:  Two Sisters Winter Queen White Diamond (GeorgiaStar Chau)

Lipstick:  Rieielli Lipstick 11/06 (Vliet Ricielli)

Hands:  Slink Mesh Hands Casual (Siddean Munro)

Look #32: Intoxicate Me

intoxicate me50 Shades of Sexy Blogger Challenge:  Week # 6:  Intoxicate Me

The Shopping Cart:

Martini glass and Pose:  Glitterati Martini (Katey Coppola)

Bra Panties:  Insatiable Fashions HFW Hunt Gift (Aliannamarie Gossipgirl)

Skin:  Pale Skin -Jenny- Red Carpet *Redgrave* (Emilia Redgrave)

Shape:  Parisa Busty External Appearances (Karen Blackthorne)

Look #31: La Vida Nuova (the new life) – inscribed on my wedding ring by my husband :-)

valentine's day_005I met my husband five years and 3 months ago in Second Life on a park bench watching fire works.  We were buddies back then laughing it up and checking out this cool new world we discovered called Second Life.  And as fate would have it, our real life paths crossed and now we have created a new life together.  Valentine’s day is special to us.  So here is my ode to Valentine’s Day.  We write notes to each other on stickies all the time.

The shopping list:

Skin:  ::Modish:: Isla (group gift) cappucio (Ele Brandi)

Shape:  Adeline by External Appearances (Karen Blackthorne)

Eyes:  Horizon Eyes Kaleido Sky by IKON (Ikon Innovia)

Dress:  [TRS] Sweater Dress Sweetheart Mesh (Manda Schmooz)

Notes:  Stickie Love Set by Finishing Touches (24Karat Roux)

Pose:  Ricielli wall poses (Valentina Barony)

Look #30: You and me could write a bad romance. -Lady GaGa

bad romance50 Shades of Secy Blogger Challenge Week # 5:  My viewpoint on a bad romance.

Bed:  MH 7 Prim Bed Sleep poses (Mahala Hudson)

Skeleton:  Glitterati Bones (Katey Coppola)

Cigarette:  Nikotin Tobacco & Co Cigarette Pink (Raph Dirval)

Hair:  Slink Nicolette Hair Raven (Siddean Munro)

Eyes:  .::peppermint blue::. Realistic eyes04 bunny red (Alice07 Barzane)

Skin:  Draconic Kiss Plague Porcelain (Draconic Lioncourt)

Shape:  Ona Think External Appearances (Karen Blackthorne)

Goth Corset:  Chrysalis Mesh Goth Corset (Kristine Lowey)