Look #44: 50 Shades of Sexy Blogger Challenge Week #12: Indescribable

My submission for 50 shades of sexy blog challenge week 12, “Indescribable”.

50 shadesindescribable_004

The shopping cart:
Skin: Glance skins Anais December by Snejana Tran
Shape: [the Skinnery] Emma Shape by Umazuma Metaluna
Hair: Tekeli-li! Black Orchid, Hathor by Tekelili Tantalus
Eyes: Curio Tragic Eyes Starry Night by Rita Groshomme
Lashes: [LeLutka] DIVA lashes by Thora Charron


#40 Strawberry Singh’s tutorial meme

So here I go with my FIRST tutorial!  Thanks Strawberry for the “push”!

My tutorial is on my favorite tool in Photoshop.  The spot healing brush tool.  I will show you when to use it and how.  If I can do it anyone can!

Let’s say you are out for a stroll and take a few photos to edit later in your eh em…free time (as if there is any for a content creator and or a blogger in SL).

walking down the street tutorial meme pic no1

You log off SL and check out your photos…especially your close ups and you see this!

tutorial meme_002

IT’S THE DREADED ALPHA SHOWING GRASS THROUGH YOUR AVATAR’S NECK!!!! (and the pesky hair on the shoulder and bark showing through her hair.

Could you go back into SL and reshoot?  Yes, but really…sooooo irritating.  Photoshop to the rescue!  I will show you that the bark and the grass can go bye bye very quickly.

That shoulder needs some other work or you could leave it alone.  Or crop (one of my useful tools).  But crop won’t work for grass in the neck.  So let’s get started.

pic to use to change to photoshop for tutorial meme

A and B we will use the spot healing brush tool.  C we will use the same tool but as you use it you will see you can create more problems than you started with so use the clone stamp tool (omg…go on youtube and get a tutorial there for clone tool or just use it and play with it and you will find what works for you).  The red arrow should be pointed at the spot healing brush tool but alas…I suck at this…sorry!

Use the tool by selecting it with your left click mouse then left click over the area you want to heal (A, B, and C)…it will grey out (make sure your brush is big enough…use this key to make the brush size smaller [ and use this key to make the brush size bigger ]  ).

You will see that as you take the hair wisps out of her shoulder, you will have more problems.  That’s because this spot healing brush tool is only good for an area that the computer has enough image to derive at what the image should look like.  In other words, there isn’t enough skin on the should for the computer to figure out that the lasting image should only be shoulder and not hair.  Some people would crop or use the clone tool or leave it.  I used the spot healer to get the bulk work done, I used the clone tool to clean it up and finished with the burn tool to warm up the area and the blur tool to correct my flaws.  Here’s the finished photo.

tutorial meme pic finished product

Not perfect but it will do.  It’s a quick fix to a real hassle and in the end saves you time from a reshoot or trashing your time in SL photo shoots.

If you want to invest a bit of time in learning the key tools to use for quick fixes for 90% of your photos in SL go watch this video.  I learned about how to make a watermark, how to make your own tools for quick fixes…all sorts of quick fixes.  Spend more time in SL having fun or blogging…not editing for hours!


I know it’s 2 hrs long but worth it!  This guy edits 2000 pictures in a day.  He knows his stuff.


Skin:  Eye Candi Adrina Light Charmed by Georgia Schechter

Eyes:  Dirty.Little.Secret Starry eyed emerald by Tash Porthos

Shape:  Curio Breeze Shape 1 by Gala Phoenix

Hair:  D!VA hair “Asami” Type A Onyx by Marisa Kira

Hands:  Slink mesh hands casual by Siddean Munro

Skirt and Top (mesh skirt and arms):  Envious You Oughtaknow Ensemble (marketplace) by Sayanicole Cuttita


Look #39: Strawberry’s Guilty Meme

guilty meme

Here’s the rules for Strawberry Singh’s newest meme:  Meme instructions: Share 1 to 10 of your top second life guilty confessions.

1)  I did have an alt at one point while I was dating three different avatars in SL.  It got CRAZY.  I think that only lasted a month.

2)  I had 90K in my inventory but after reading Strawberry’s guilty confession meme, I boxed up my pictures, my textures, my sounds and gestures since I am not using them much now.  I am proud to say I am now in the low 50k range.  PHEW!  I do have the same problem of wearing something usually only once since I am a clothes shop a holic.  Is there a 12 step program for us avatars?  I mean, I can’t leave SL…because my avatar costs so much!  I would lose THOUSANDS of dollars if this game stopped.  I pray to whatever Linden is listening to keep this game going (I will be seven next month so hopefully it keeps going…feed my addiction).

3)  I have to confess that I have disappointed a few avatars in SL.  I would not venture to say I broke their hearts but I didn’t play completely fair in the dating game.  This is the one thing I am most embarrassed and displeased about my behavior (all in the past now…one thing SL taught me was the real meaning of integrity and commitment).  I know I did break someone’s heart as well as mine in here.  Nuff said.

4)  I started to work on a business in here a couple times but never really put the effort in so it’s on my guilty list.

5)  I use photoshop often instead of getting my skin colors to match (or hide it enough) with my mesh hands or feet.  Seems I can get it right easier there than here.  My picture above shows my hands pre tinted before photoshop.

6)  I don’t really socialize much in SL.  I will spend more time on plurk.  I come in here to unwind, listen to music, sort inventory, and make photos.  Oh….and shop….

The shopping cart:

Place:  Parvana which is owned by Jen Noel “the Dealer” DJ:  She does a show Mondays 4pm SLT and Thursdays 6pm SLT here.  If you love to belly dance, this is the place (STRAWBERRY)

Pose: Pics n Poses-F-I Dunno by Sue Hunniton

Hair:  Elikatira Only Black

Eyes:  Dirty.Little.Secret Starry Eyed Emerald by Tash Porthos

Skin:  Cupcakes Emilia Whisper by Mimi Coral

Shape:  Breeze Shape 1 Curio by Gala Phoenix

Jacket:  Foppish pleated leather jacket by Foppish

Tank top:  Loose Mesh Butterfly Magenta Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave (marketplace)

Mesh hands:  Slink hands casual by Siddean Munro

Jeans and tennis shoes:  Envious Hands off jeans and Hands off shoes by Sayanicole Cuttita

Panties:  Lace and Bows panties by Janae Ferraris

Look #38: “Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.” Yoko Ono

out in the gardens_018

The shopping cart:

Shape:  Breeze Shape 1 by Curio (Gala Phoenix)

Skin:  Harlowe (Vanilla) Pinkie by Ploom (Helyanwe Vindaloo)

Eyes:  Tragic Eyes Starry Night Medium Shine by Curio (Rita Groshomme)

Dress/Hair/Hat:  All by Maitreya (bought on Marketplace) Dress Mignon Dress Mesh Lust (Onyx LeShelle)

Hair:  Maitreya Siobhan Mesh Dark Blond (Onyx LeShelle)

Pose: My AO

Place:  SL Botanical Gardens

Look #37: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fairy in possesion of a good appetite must be in want of pie.” ― Lisa Mantchev, Perchance to Dream


In Second Life, there is always room for pie.  Thank God for SL.  My waist line is saved again.

The Shopping List:

On location:  Alchemy Immortalis The Patisserie Shop:  Creator:  Alchemy Cyannis

Shape:  Apple May Designs (AMD) Farrah Shape (Skin fair) by Apple May

Skin:  Apple May Designs Farrah Pale (Skin fair) by Apple May

Eyes:  Curio Tragic Eyes Starry Night by Rita Groshomme

Hair:  D!va Hair Flora by Marisa Kira (Collabor88)

Lashes:  [LeLutka] Diva lashes by Thora Charron

Earrings:  Je Suis Occidental Earrings Purple by Julia Merosi (Collabor88)

Ring:  (Yummy) Caprice Ring by Polyester Partridge

Cardigan and Miniskirt:  CoCo Baseball Cardigan w/Hoodie and pleated miniskirt tartan grey by CoCoro Lemon

Shoes:  GOS Grace Sandal Mirror by Gospel Voom

Pose:  by Poise Easter Pose (Pose Fair)

Look #35: Strawberry’s meme blog challenge: the “Firsts” of SL


  1. First SL Friend: I don’t remember his name.  He was fun to hang out with at my home while I sorted my inventory.  We had fun checking out sims.  Be called me Babygirl.
    I have to mention the first friends I met here that made such a difference for me:  Piggs Boucher, Bakranus Arashi, Happy Richard, Fopper Iwish, Skyler B Goode, Terrahuman Ella, Thongshaman Thirroul, Yahuu Trenkins, Andrushka Andel, Abbey Wingtips.  Thank you all for making SL a wonderful place with wonderful people.  Sadly, I don’t talk to anyone in SL anymore.  I need to make new friends and create new adventures.  Whose looking for a new SL friend?
  2. First SL Kiss: I jumped on a few pose balls for laughs and giggles but my first REAL SL kiss was Benj Proto.
  3. First SLex time/place/partner: N/A cuz I’m an SL virgin *coughs* (thank Strawberry for this answer).
  4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: I guess my first partner was my RL husband at the time:  HarumScarum Seesaw.  Years later I partnered with my RL boyfriend Benj Proto.  Benj and I got married in RL last June.  We never married in SL.  Our relationship started as a fun friendship in SL then blossomed into a great RL friendship and exploded into a love affair beyond words.  I think SL had a lot to do with it.  We were friends first in an accepting world of SL where the inside matters more than the outside.  That’s my take on it.
  5. First SL Job: Never had a job in SL.
  6. First SL Creation: A three prim chair that you can’t even sit on.  OMG I’m embarrassed!first build_001
  7. First Encounter with a Linden: Never seen one.  Do they exist or are they like elves?  I love Torley’s you tubes.  That’s as close as it’s gotten.
  8. First Encounter with a SLebrity: I’m still waiting to meet one.  What’s the qualification?  Everyone here is awesome!  I’ve met so many cool cool content creators.  I guess if I met Strawberry in world, I would have to consider her a SLebrity. I know it sounds so corny but I aspire to create photographs like Strawberry.  She’s my hero!  /me falls to my knees in child’s pose saying “I’m not worthy”!!!!  Grinz.
  9. First sim I fell in love with: Angel Falls.  I think I have over 100 pictures in my inventory from that place.
  10. First SL Blog Post: My first post was last fall.  I’m a blogger newb.  https://mybarbiecloset.wordpress.com/page/5/


Skin:  Glance Skins Anais December by Snejana Tran

Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~* Almadina Black Pearl by Tommy Fairplay

Eyes:  Curio Tragic Eyes Purple by Rita Groshomme

Shape:  External Appearances by Karen Blackthorne