Look #47: The Arcade

arcade_002The Arcade is open till the end of this month.  You should go just to try your luck and have some fun!

Reminds me of the Jersey shore boardwalk…indeed a fun place.  All the creators put together impressive items.  Even on a budget, you can snag some coolies.

http://thearcadeshoppingguide.com/  (this was helpful in figuring out what I wanted to go for before I got there)

The Shopping Cart (all LM’s are the creator’s main store):

The Arcade:


Chest:  {what next} by FrankLee Anatra at the Arcade (it’s the shopping bag for the item I got, so COOL)


Furry animals:  (fd) fashionably dead by Toast Bard at the Arcade


Vanity Desk, Vanity Mirror, Nail polishes, Jewelry tree -Tres Blah- by Julliette Westerburg at the Arcade


Teacup Piglet:  !Ohmai by Anya Ohmai


Skin:  [the Skinnery] by Umazuma Metaluna (Sasha spring champagne LBCL1)


Glasses:  [CT] Conpiracy Theory by Ewan Mureaux (Lavender) The Arcade


Boots:  DECO by GutterBlood Spoonhammer at the Arcade


Overalls:  (fd) fashionably dead by Toast Bard (light demin M) – see furry animals for TP

Hair:  D!va by Marisa Kira (Senri 2 type 2 garnet)


Bikini:  :::Sn@tch::: by Ivey Deschanel at the Wash (1800Bikini pink)


Eyes:  [LeLutka] by Minnu Palen Ellis Cobalt M


Shape:  [ROCKBERRY] by Heather Beebe (Paige)




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