#40 Strawberry Singh’s tutorial meme

So here I go with my FIRST tutorial!  Thanks Strawberry for the “push”!

My tutorial is on my favorite tool in Photoshop.  The spot healing brush tool.  I will show you when to use it and how.  If I can do it anyone can!

Let’s say you are out for a stroll and take a few photos to edit later in your eh em…free time (as if there is any for a content creator and or a blogger in SL).

walking down the street tutorial meme pic no1

You log off SL and check out your photos…especially your close ups and you see this!

tutorial meme_002

IT’S THE DREADED ALPHA SHOWING GRASS THROUGH YOUR AVATAR’S NECK!!!! (and the pesky hair on the shoulder and bark showing through her hair.

Could you go back into SL and reshoot?  Yes, but really…sooooo irritating.  Photoshop to the rescue!  I will show you that the bark and the grass can go bye bye very quickly.

That shoulder needs some other work or you could leave it alone.  Or crop (one of my useful tools).  But crop won’t work for grass in the neck.  So let’s get started.

pic to use to change to photoshop for tutorial meme

A and B we will use the spot healing brush tool.  C we will use the same tool but as you use it you will see you can create more problems than you started with so use the clone stamp tool (omg…go on youtube and get a tutorial there for clone tool or just use it and play with it and you will find what works for you).  The red arrow should be pointed at the spot healing brush tool but alas…I suck at this…sorry!

Use the tool by selecting it with your left click mouse then left click over the area you want to heal (A, B, and C)…it will grey out (make sure your brush is big enough…use this key to make the brush size smaller [ and use this key to make the brush size bigger ]  ).

You will see that as you take the hair wisps out of her shoulder, you will have more problems.  That’s because this spot healing brush tool is only good for an area that the computer has enough image to derive at what the image should look like.  In other words, there isn’t enough skin on the should for the computer to figure out that the lasting image should only be shoulder and not hair.  Some people would crop or use the clone tool or leave it.  I used the spot healer to get the bulk work done, I used the clone tool to clean it up and finished with the burn tool to warm up the area and the blur tool to correct my flaws.  Here’s the finished photo.

tutorial meme pic finished product

Not perfect but it will do.  It’s a quick fix to a real hassle and in the end saves you time from a reshoot or trashing your time in SL photo shoots.

If you want to invest a bit of time in learning the key tools to use for quick fixes for 90% of your photos in SL go watch this video.  I learned about how to make a watermark, how to make your own tools for quick fixes…all sorts of quick fixes.  Spend more time in SL having fun or blogging…not editing for hours!


I know it’s 2 hrs long but worth it!  This guy edits 2000 pictures in a day.  He knows his stuff.


Skin:  Eye Candi Adrina Light Charmed by Georgia Schechter

Eyes:  Dirty.Little.Secret Starry eyed emerald by Tash Porthos

Shape:  Curio Breeze Shape 1 by Gala Phoenix

Hair:  D!VA hair “Asami” Type A Onyx by Marisa Kira

Hands:  Slink mesh hands casual by Siddean Munro

Skirt and Top (mesh skirt and arms):  Envious You Oughtaknow Ensemble (marketplace) by Sayanicole Cuttita



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