Look #39: Strawberry’s Guilty Meme

guilty meme

Here’s the rules for Strawberry Singh’s newest meme:  Meme instructions: Share 1 to 10 of your top second life guilty confessions.

1)  I did have an alt at one point while I was dating three different avatars in SL.  It got CRAZY.  I think that only lasted a month.

2)  I had 90K in my inventory but after reading Strawberry’s guilty confession meme, I boxed up my pictures, my textures, my sounds and gestures since I am not using them much now.  I am proud to say I am now in the low 50k range.  PHEW!  I do have the same problem of wearing something usually only once since I am a clothes shop a holic.  Is there a 12 step program for us avatars?  I mean, I can’t leave SL…because my avatar costs so much!  I would lose THOUSANDS of dollars if this game stopped.  I pray to whatever Linden is listening to keep this game going (I will be seven next month so hopefully it keeps going…feed my addiction).

3)  I have to confess that I have disappointed a few avatars in SL.  I would not venture to say I broke their hearts but I didn’t play completely fair in the dating game.  This is the one thing I am most embarrassed and displeased about my behavior (all in the past now…one thing SL taught me was the real meaning of integrity and commitment).  I know I did break someone’s heart as well as mine in here.  Nuff said.

4)  I started to work on a business in here a couple times but never really put the effort in so it’s on my guilty list.

5)  I use photoshop often instead of getting my skin colors to match (or hide it enough) with my mesh hands or feet.  Seems I can get it right easier there than here.  My picture above shows my hands pre tinted before photoshop.

6)  I don’t really socialize much in SL.  I will spend more time on plurk.  I come in here to unwind, listen to music, sort inventory, and make photos.  Oh….and shop….

The shopping cart:

Place:  Parvana which is owned by Jen Noel “the Dealer” DJ:  She does a show Mondays 4pm SLT and Thursdays 6pm SLT here.  If you love to belly dance, this is the place (STRAWBERRY)

Pose: Pics n Poses-F-I Dunno by Sue Hunniton

Hair:  Elikatira Only Black

Eyes:  Dirty.Little.Secret Starry Eyed Emerald by Tash Porthos

Skin:  Cupcakes Emilia Whisper by Mimi Coral

Shape:  Breeze Shape 1 Curio by Gala Phoenix

Jacket:  Foppish pleated leather jacket by Foppish

Tank top:  Loose Mesh Butterfly Magenta Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave (marketplace)

Mesh hands:  Slink hands casual by Siddean Munro

Jeans and tennis shoes:  Envious Hands off jeans and Hands off shoes by Sayanicole Cuttita

Panties:  Lace and Bows panties by Janae Ferraris


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