Look #29: Pour some sugar on me…Def Leppard

pour some sugar on me50 Shades of Sexy Blogger Challenge Week #4:  Pour some sugar on me.

This is my idea of a calorie free dream.  Snuggled between chocolate and cupcakes in my favorite sleepwear.  And calorie free when it’s in SL.  Ahhhhh…pure indulgence.

The shopping list:

Ring:  Wedding Ring Gift from Benj Proto from Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry (married to the same man/avatar in RL & SL)

Feet:  *Shine*

PJ’s & mask:  Candy Doll Sleep over Leopard (Rebeca Dembo)

Hair:  [elikatira] Breath Red 06 (Elika Tiramisu) 70% sale Thankies!

Skin & Shape:  .::WoW Skins::. Britney tone 1-04 and Britney Shape (Sawsan Secretspy)

Cupcakes:  Sway’s Cupcakes, Sway’s & Cookie Bears (Sway Dench)

Cake:  Triple Tier Chocholate Ganache Cake by Alchemy Immortalis (Alchemy Cyannis)

Sundae:  Strawberry Custard Tank by Alchemy Immortalis (Alchemy Cyannis)

Pose:  KaTink Mamie 5

Sim:  My home on Mystical Rentals


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