12.12.12 We survived the end…or is it just the beginning? Look #13

I was reading up on the end of the Mayan calendar. You know that there are some theories out there that the end is 12.21.12. I’m just glad I’m alive today. NASA thinks we will all be here on 12.21.12. So that’s good enough for me. Now…it’s time for a hot coco break…been reading a lot lately.



The shopping list:

Sim:  Winter Scenes 2012 by Incendia Outdoors

Lip Gloss:  .::WoW Skin::. Lip Gloss

Skin and Shape:  [the Skinnery] Emma shape and evening makeup skin

Hair:  >Truth< Portia w/roots champagne

Eyes:  Eye Candi hunt eyes candlelight dark green

Lingerie:  Valentine Bra and Panties gift

Earrings:  [PP] snowman mesh earrings



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