Look #1

Look #1
When my inventory got above 40K and I turned five inworld, it hit me. I haven’t been doing much in SL and it’s getting boring. I guess I got boring. So, to stop being boring…I’m blogging! One of my passions in SL has always been shopping and taking pictures of my avi.
So here it goes…

Shopping List:
[Vmo] pose disc (gift)
Boots: Biker Babe Leopard, Hudson’s Clothing Co.
Hair: *Dura – Boys & Girls* 24 (Blonde)
Eyes: [Curio] Tragic Eyes – Starry Eyes
Jeans: *GizzA* Diamond Jean Flower Black
Dress: Marleen Dress (Red)
Skin: *Redgrave* Pale Skin-Jenny
Earrings: *Redgrave* Drops – Composition
Eyelashes: *Redgrave* Corner Pointed
Shape: Womenstuff Hunt Gift: Maverick Design, Londonne Shape
Place: malachite’s home on the grid.


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